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    eBook:  3:10 to Boca and Other Meshugeh Tales of the Yiddish West


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    3:10 to Boca and Other Meshugeh Tales of the Yiddish West (eBook)

    "Funnier than Blazing Saddles!" --Charles Dickenstein, author of A Tale of Two Sidneys Did the Jews really tame the American frontier? You bet your tuchas. Brave, rugged Jews with big dreams and even bigger shmeckles. Shtarkers like Davy Kronsky. The Ringo Kiddish. The mysterious Man with No Yarmulke. Jewish Indian tribes like the Mishagossi and Grossinga who would never scalp on the Sabbath. These are their stories, told for the first time. So pay attention. SHE WORE A YELLOW SHMATTA THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE FARBLONDJET THE MAGNIFICENT $7 (NOW MARKED DOWN TO $5.98) TWO MOYELS FOR SISTER SARA. A FISTFUL OF DREIDELS CHAI NOON THE WILD BRUNCH And a lot more, you should only know. The critics won't shut up already about this book! "Funnier than a passle of stuffed dermas!' --Melvin "Six-Gun" Shapiro, foreman, Bar-Mitzvah Ranch"From snow you can't make a cheesecake." --J. D. Salinsky, author of The Kvetcher in the Rye Did somebody say, "Go West, Youngman"? Zane Greyberg, born Leo Kloppman in Brooklyn, New York, has held a variety of jobs, from chicken flicker to pickle-maker, before he turned to writing. His first book, Shangri-Latkes and Other Lost Horizons was published in 1999 and completely befuddled critics. Roderick Pish-Tipple of the Hackensack Jewish Weekly said, "You call this poetry? It doesn't even rhyme. What's with this Greyberg guy--he drinks maybe?" Mr. Zaneberg lives, he says, "wherever the wind blows and the cream cheese is fresh."

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