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    eBook:  Cooking Geek: Going Raw and Going Paleo


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    Cooking Geek: Going Raw and Going Paleo (eBook)

    Cooking Geek Going Raw and Going Paleo The Cooking Geek book covers two different diets, the Going Raw diet, and the Paleo Diet. Both diets are ones that have been around for years. People go on these two diets for many reasons. First and foremost, the main reason for "dieting" is for weight loss. Over weight and obesity are big (pun intended) problems nowadays especially in the United States. The reason being for weight issues are our lack of discipline and proper nutrition. The Raw Food Diet is an extreme diet that encompasses eating all uncooked foods, mainly focusing on raw vegetables. Raw, uncooked vegetables contain high levels of nutrients that are often lost during the cooking process. The body make take some time to be accustomed to eating a raw food diet, but once the body learns to digest the food in its natural state you will feel better having obtained all the wonderful nutrition that natural food has to offer. The recipes in the raw foods section cover main dishes, side dishes, appetizers, sauces and breads. There is a special section just for breakfast and brunch too. The Paleo Diet is an ancient diet enjoyed by our very distant ancestors from the Stone Age. During this time, people ate a certain way, ate certain foods, and as a result lived healthier and longer lives. In studying their diets, the Paleo Diet came back and gains in popularity today again. Their main foods consisted of vegetables and meats along with fruits. They did not eat grains or legumes; therefore, the Paleo Diet is very similar to the gluten free diet plans. Many choose this diet to become healthier, to reach a more ideal weight and they choose it as a lifestyle change. The Paleo section details a large variety of recipes.

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