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    eBook:  Full Time: The Secret Life Of Tony Cascarino


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    Full Time: The Secret Life Of Tony Cascarino (eBook)

    In a world where so many books by and about footballers are little more than bland PR exercises, Full Time breaks the mould decisively. Stripping away the facade of what we think life must be like for an international football star, Paul Kimmage reveals a different story when it comes to Irish footballer Tony Cascarino. Scarred by his childhood, haunted by indiscretion and troubled by a secret from his past, Cascarino is strugglng to find answers as he speeds towards the most terrifying juncture in sport: the end. As Cascarino opens up abot his fears,crippling loss of confidence and sexual indiscretion, no wonder The Times voted it one of the Top Ten football books of all time, and Eamon Dunply said of it: 'If it were fiction this book could win the Booker Prize.'

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