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    eBook:  Lucy Rose: Here's the Thing About Me


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    Lucy Rose: Here's the Thing About Me (eBook)

    I’m Lucy Rose and here’s the thing about me: I am eight and according to my grandfather I have the kind of life that is called eventful, which means NOT boring. According to my mom and my grandmother I’m what they call a handful. And according to my dad I am one smart cookie.I say I am one girl who is feeling not-so-sure about things on account of my parents got a separation. Plus my mom and I just moved to Washington, D.C. Plus I haven’t met any friends yet but I do know someone who is not one and that is Adam Melon, who I call Melonhead.Here’s another thing about me: most of the time I am plain hilarious.First-time author Katy Kelly introduces us to an original thinker who’s got a lot on her mind and she’s ready to share (minus the boring parts, of course). Lucy Rose is an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind girl with spark, spunk, and one great pair of cowgirl boots! (No kidding!)From the Hardcover edition.

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