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    Matt Jensen: The Last Mountain (eBook)

    William W. Johnstone’s breathtaking Mountain Man series set the standard for Western adventure. Now a new saga begins as the adopted son of Smoke Jensen takes his place on the unforgiving and violent American frontier…BORN TO BE BRAVEMatt Cavanaugh was nine years old when a band of outlaws slaughtered his family…Now Matt is 18, honed by hardship, steeped in survival and carrying the last name of the man who raised him: Smoke Jensen. With Smoke’s wisdom, his own courage and just enough money to start a life, Matt Jensen begins a relentless hunt for the outlaws, led by the deadly Winston Pugh, who murdered his family in cold blood. Pugh won’t be hard to find;his scarred face gives him away. But Matt soon discovers there’s a lot more to vengeance than hunting down a man—and that in a clash of guns and guile, true justice is waiting just beyond a town called Perdition…

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