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    eBook:  Pee Wee Scouts: Peanut-butter Pilgrims


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    Pee Wee Scouts: Peanut-butter Pilgrims (eBook)

    All the Pee Wee Scouts love to celebrate the holidays, but Thanksgiving is not Molly Duff's favorite one. In fact, Thansgiving is big trouble for Molly.It's not so bad when they visit a turkey farm and Sonny Betz takes a turkey home with him. But when Mrs. Peters, their troop leader, tells them about the Pee Wee Thanksgiving play at the town hall, Molly shivers. She's not an actress! She'll forget all her lines. Everyone will laugh.Pilgrims and Indians.Turkeys going gobble, gobble.When you're a Pee Wee Scout,the show must go on!

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