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    eBook:  Straight Up: A Guide to a Better Bar Experience


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    Straight Up: A Guide to a Better Bar Experience (eBook)

    This book is designed to educate the average patron on what represents respectable behaviour in clubs, bars and restaurants in western countries. For some reason, only a small few seem able to crack this code, which makes our jobs (meaning bartenders/hostesses/hosts/security/djs/coat check/kitchen staff and owners) much more difficult than most patrons may understand. This book will outline the very, very, very, bad things you should never do at the bar/club/restaurant, and answer the questions you have but are afraid to ask like, why did I get kicked out or, why does the bartender always ignore me? I’ve had way too many kids these days ruin my fine bar experience by being douchebags, but having no idea why they can’t get good service! But, like I said, it’s only partly about me, it’s mostly about you. So, for your entertainment, you’ll hear my side of the story and some stories to help explain what you’re doing wrong.

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