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    eBook:  Through the Pentangle: Where Calara Shimmerings Fly


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    Through the Pentangle: Where Calara Shimmerings Fly (eBook)

    Eighteen stories: a novelette, novellas, short stories and poems. Tales of human contact with the unexplainable and the unearthly; contacts that are on occasions deadly, frightening and sometimes enchanting, even protective. Tales of the fairer sex’s schemes of avarice: lust, love and terrible revenge; emotions that can attract the wrong kind of unwanted attention. True stories of human survival and of an unusual, perhaps unnatural; friendship of a beautiful female with an extremely dangerous animal. A story of a newly married female’s premonition of impending sexual dander, from an unseen presence; a premonition her husband should have heeded. Can we attract unwanted attention by fantasying – by keeping an open mind? Is leaving an open window in our imagination as risky as leaving an open door into our house – through which anything can enter?

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