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    eBook: 50 Ways to Find a Lover


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    50 Ways to Find a Lover (eBook)

    Why couldn't I have woken up still drunk? Waking up drunk is much more fun than waking up with a hangover. Then you can do the pint, fry-up, back-to-bed routine, which rarely lets you down. My extensive research of hangovers has led me to the conclusion that only two things can save you: 1) A small glass of port 2) Sex Both remedies are out of the question today because I drank all the port in the flat last night and I haven't had sex for 325 days. Struggling Camden actress Sarah Sweeney is single, alone, unloved, solo, mono. She's a spinster – at 29 years old, or more to the point nearly 30. After a humiliating rejection, Sarah decides to take charge of her love life. Spurred on by her self-help obsessed flatmate, Simon, and her well-meaning parents, she starts a blog charting all the ways she's going to try and find true love. This is a debut novel for a new generation who want their heroine funnier, smarter, ruder – and more real.

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