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    eBook: A Perfect Beast - After Earth


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    A Perfect Beast - After Earth (eBook)

    The official prequel novel of the epic film After Earth directed by M. Night Shyamalan and starring Jaden Smith and Will Smith After their exodus from Earth, the last humans settled a remote planet: Nova Prime. Conner Raige’s ancestors were on the front lines of victory against the Skrel, a long defeated enemy. Now he is one of the United Ranger Corps’ most promising young cadets, despite his brash confidence and tendency to act on instinct. But when the Skrel return, a deadly ground war will test him to the limit. Only this time, the Skrel have brought a secret weapon: ferocious killing machines designed to eliminate humanity from Nova Prime . . . and the universe. Includes the first three installments of the After Earth: Ghost Stories eBook series.

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