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    All Shook Up (eBook)

    WHEN 13-YEAR-OLD JOSH finds out he has to stay with his dad in Chicago for a few months, heā€™s not too thrilled. But when he arrives at the airport, heā€™s simply devastated. His fatherā€”who used to be a scatterbrained, but pretty normal, shoe salesmanā€”has become a sideburn-wearing, hip-twisting, utterly embarrassing Elvis impersonator. Josh is determined to keep his dadā€™s identity a secret, but on his very first day at his new school, a note appears on his locker. Itā€™s signed Elvisly Yours, and instead of a name, a sneering purple smiley face. The secret is out, and when his dad is invited to perform at a special 50s concert at his school, Josh is forced to take drastic action. From award-winning author Shelley Pearsall comes a hilarious novel about a father and son discovering something about being who you areā€”and who youā€™re not.From the Hardcover edition.

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