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    eBook: Beast of Bracksley Woods


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    Beast of Bracksley Woods (eBook)

    Recently widowed and still trying to get over her loss she goes to live in the country to try and build a new life for herself.  She would really like to start her own business but finding herself short of money she is forced to look for work.  On the way home from yet another fruitless job interview she discovers an old man unconscious in a ditch at the side of the road.  She stops to help him by calling an ambulance and seeing him safely to hospital.  When he regains consciousness he asks her to take care of his dog until his friend returns.  Gradually Debbie gets drawn into Greg’s  life meeting his close friend Kevin who is the local RSPCA Inspector and Paul the local Vet.  These three start a rescue centre for animals at Greg’s old farm and Debbie finds herself managing it instead of doing what she really wants to do.  Kevin is after a gang he believes is running illegal dog fights and one of them is loose in Bracksley woods.  Kevin sets out to find the ringleaders and put them behind bars but what happens when he catches the dog that has been making trouble in the neighbourhood and prowling about in Bracksley woods?   Debbie falls in love with Paul and finds herself pregnant after a one night stand.  That’s not all.  Debbie gets kidnapped after a successful open day for the new rescue centre...  Who will save her? Will it be Paul or will it be Kevin?

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