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    Belly Fat Diet Book (eBook)

    Belly Fat Diet Book [Second Edition] Your Path to a True Belly Fat Cure, and Staying Belly Fat Free for Life --------- [New edition] With the following additional content: * New introduction. * New section: "How to Lose Belly Fat Though Dieting" (500 words). * New section at end of book (recipes): Belly Fat Diet Bean Recipes (3763 words). * Improved formatting and editing --------- Have you wondered how you can get rid of belly fat that sticks around your mid-section? The answer is yes and this will be done through a diet book that will be unlike the others you will find. You see, when you want to lose belly fat diet plans often give you a selection of bland foods that aren't going to leave you satisfied. More often than not, the belly fat diet recipes they give you will leave you wishing you were able to go back to your old eating habits. That's what makes this one of the belly fat diets that thinks outside of the box. We understand that there are belly fat diet foods you can eat that burst with flavors, while shedding pounds. The secret is using simple nutrient rich foods that can help you to kick start your metabolism and give you powerful flavors. Take for example, the heirloom tomato. This strange looking fruit is filled with lycopene and nutrients. It also aids in the weight loss process as you will discover in this book. Imagine having the chance to enjoy things like chicken enchiladas and even savory chocolate desserts that won't blow your diet. It's true and while moderation is good, these guilt free recipes will have you wanting to learn more. All of the recipes you will find in this belly busting diet cookbook contain items you can find in your standard grocery store. You don't have to shop at a hundred places to get the foods you need. That simplifies the process and compliments your busy schedule.

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