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    eBook: Blood Eternal


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    Blood Eternal (eBook)

    The Blessed, #1 He’s her judge, jury and executioner. She’s his only chance to truly live. Savannah Michaels is in desperate need of cash…for all the right reasons. Determined to leave behind her hospital debt and the nightmares of her past, she answers a classified ad to be a paid travel companion in Italy. Of course, she hardly expects her employer to be a tall, handsome and moody vampire. Luke Evans has a very good reason to seek revenge against the world’s greedy souls. After all, greed cost him his wife and mortal life two centuries ago. His latest ploy, classified ads, is working out well. Until he meets Savannah Michaels. She is not what she seems and even worse, hasn’t the slightest idea just how different she is. Suddenly, Luke realizes playing judge and jury over his victims comes at too high a cost, especially when his latest victim may be the love of his life...and the death of his race. CONTENT WARNING: Vampires with sexy accents;may lead to seduction.74,960 Words

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