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    Carney's War (eBook)

    Set around a timeline spanning from 1997 the main characters in the novel are Joe Carney and Az Ahmed who are each drawn from two distinct ethnic and social groups. Joe is a British born black man of mixed West Indian and English parentage and Azhad is a British born Pakistani Muslim. Their lives follow quite different but interlocking paths culminating in a dramatic and unexpected conclusion, with the action moving from England to Afghanistan and back via the Balkans and Pakistan. Interwoven within the plot are the relationships the men form during the post 9/11 world. What stands out from the dialogue is the clear understanding that many individuals are trying to come to terms with what is happening within their communities around them whilst at the same time questioning the value systems of the wider world. It is a novel that seeks to explore the paradoxical nature of much of modern society. 5% of the royalties from the sale of this work of fiction will go to the UK registered charity BLESMA - The Limbless Veterans.

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