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    Chubster (eBook)

    ARE YOUR SKINNY JEANS STARTING TO FEEL A LITTLE SNUG?You don’t have the right clothes for the gym. You don’t do protein powders, wonder berries, or green tea. The idea of going without beer makes you weak in the knees.But there’s no denying you are one. fat. hipster.Lucky for you, Martin Cizmar has come up with the least awful diet plan of all time. The Chubster way. It revolves around calorie counting (deal with it) and enjoyable undercover exercise (urban hiking and gum chewing). Martin gives you the tools to become a self-sufficient weight-loss machine capable of functioning in any environment. From frozen dinners and drive-through menus, ethnic eating to microbrews, he’ll point you to the responsible choice, steer you clear of the real diet killers, and dispel some of the myths giving you that tire around your waist. Like: That Stella you’re holding? It has more calories than Guinness.Dieting is never fun, but with Chubster, weight loss doesn’t have to cramp your style.

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