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    eBook: Common Core State Standards for Grades 2-3


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    Common Core State Standards for Grades 2-3 (eBook)

    Common Core State Standards for Grades 2-3: Language Arts Instructional Strategies and Activities is designed to help teachers teach CORE standards using research-based, effective instructional strategies in combination with ready-to-use activities. These strategies include identifying similarities and differences, writing summaries and taking notes, creating non-linguistic representations, and suggestions for homework and practice. There are a variety of suggested texts as well as identified text exemplars that can easily be used with the suggested activities. The activities accommodate most teaching styles and can be used by the new teacher as well as the experienced teacher with very little advanced preparation required. While the activities in each chapter are listed as single suggestions, they can be used individually or combined to strengthen your current units as you implement the Common Core State Standards in your daily planning and instruction.

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