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    Confronting the Chaos (eBook)

    While there is a vast amount of literature available on Iraqi operations, until now little has been written about the counterinsurgency and stabilization operations in Afghanistan. With this book, a Canadian military historian, who has observed field operations in Afghanistan since 2003, offers a clear view of what is happening in that country. It is the first to look at units unknown to most Americans—the provincial reconstruction teams, the embedded training teams, the strategic advisory team, among others—that helped the Afghan people establish a government. Working shoulder to shoulder with Afghans at all levels of society and at great personal risk, these international teams, the author argues, helped stave off a civil war and prevented the insurgents from exploiting the chaos.Dr. Maloney observed the efforts of these teams as they unfolded in 2004 and 2005. His personal story takes readers on a journey from Badkashan province, the exotic and poppy-laden land in the north; to Kabul, the intrigued-filled capital; to Kandahar province in the south, where the threat of IED attacks was a daily occurrence. His astute observations about this international effort and how the Taliban has evolved are certain to help readers better understand the situation in Afghanistan today. His book is the first to provide details about how the reconstruction teams were organized, how they worked, and the problems they encountered while attempting to stabilize the provinces. Maloney argues that the war in Afghanistan is unique and the country and its people, as well as its insurgents, must be taken on their own terms, not in relationship to the American experience in Iraq, Vietnam, or any other conflict.

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