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    Days Of Valor (eBook)

    A nonstop maelstrom of combat action, leaving readers nearly breathless by the end. Days of Valor covers the height of the Vietnam War, from the nervous period just before Tet, through the defeat of that offensive, to the highly underwritten, yet equally bloody NVA offensive of May 1968. On January 30, 1968, the storm breaks loose, as Saigon and nearly every provincial capital in South Vietnam is under assault by the communists. The narrative is jarring, because even though the author was a company commander during these battles, he has based this work upon objective research including countless interviews with other soldiers of the 199th LIB. The result is that everything we once heard about Vietnam is laid bare in this book through actual experience, as U.S. troops go toe-to-toe at close-range against their foes. The book ends with a brief note about the 199th LIB being deactivated in spring 1970, furling its colors after suffering 753 dead and some 5,000 wounded. This fascinating book will help to remind us of the sacrifices made by all Vietnam veterans. REVIEWS "...will resonate with veterans, especially grunts who served anywhere in Vietnam....offers historical insights for today...a worthy memorial."Vietnam Magazine 12/2007"... this book has no other purpose other than to disclose the valor and sacrifice of those who fought during this period. ...  Reviewed by: Edward Fennell"... Tonsetic's account is a panegyric to the soldiers he served with...the work is primarily about his own experiences and those of the people around him, collected from the personal recollections of participants." Library Journal,02/2007"... a spell binding account of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade's actions surrounding the Tet Offensive... an excellent memorial to the exploits of this fighting unit." Collected Miscellany, 06/2008

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