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    eBook: Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion


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    Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion (eBook)

    Put on trial by the Time Lords, and found guilty of interfering in the affairs of other worlds, the Doctor is exiled to Earth in the 20th century, his appearance once again changed. His arrival coincides with a meteorite shower. But these are no ordinary meteorites.The Nestene Consciousness has begun its first attempt to invade Earth using killer Autons and deadly shop window dummies. Only the Doctor and UNIT can stop the attack. But the Doctor is recovering in hospital, and his old friend the Brigadier doesn't even recognise him. Can the Doctor recover and win UNIT's trust before the invasion begins?This novel is based on 'Spearhead from Space', a Doctor Who story which was originally broadcast from 3-24 January 1970.Featuring the Third Doctor as played by Jon Pertwee, his companion Liz Shaw and the UNIT organisationcommanded by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.

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