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    eBook: Echoes Of The Dance


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    Echoes Of The Dance (eBook)

    She was one of the world's leading ballerinas, until a tragic accident forced Mim to give up dancing. A friend who ran a successful stage school persuaded Mim to join the business, knowing that her name would attract even more pupils. Mim accepted the offer when it was agreed that the dancing classes would be Mim's own special province, Now, nearly twenty five years later, history is repeating itself. Daisy, Mim's protégée and most talented past pupil, is suffering from injuries and she too will have to rethink her career. To give her time to consider her future, Mim arranges for Daisy to take a holiday in the family home in Cornwall where Mim's brother, Roly Carradine, is living in their strange and beautiful house on the edge of Bodmin Moor. Daisy, starting a new love affair, has difficulty in concentrating on her future but her curiosity and devastating self honesty enable Roly to take a fresh look at his relationship with the newly widowed Kate Porteous. Meanwhile, the arrival of Roly's ex-wife forces their son, Nat, to confront some unfinished business.

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