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    eBook: Every Good Boy Deserves Favour & Professional Foul


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    Every Good Boy Deserves Favour & Professional Foul (eBook)

    Every Good Boy Deserves FavourA dissident is locked up in an asylum. If he accepts that he was ill and has been cured, he will be released. He refuses. Sharing his cell is a real lunatic who believes himself to be surrounded by an orchestra. As the dissident's son begs his father to free himself with a lie, Tom Stoppard's darkly funny and provocative play asks if denying the truth is a price worth paying for liberty.'Plays which enhance civilization itself, which is what this does, are not seen once and laid away.' Bernard Levin, Sunday TimesEvery Good Boy premiered at the Festival Hall, London, in July 1977. It was revived at the National Theatre, London, in January 2009.Professional Foul'Professor Anderson, a somewhat devious academic, went to Prague to deliver a lecture on "Ethical Facts in Ethical Fiction" and to see a football match. Politics intruded when a former pupil of Anderson begged him to smuggle out a thesis arguing that "the ethics of the State can only be the ethics of the individual writ large." . . . Mr Stoppard's BBC television debut was sheer delight.' Richard Last, Daily Telegraph

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