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    Going Overboard (eBook)

    Carolina Sullivan needs a man's body bad....Only the most gorgeous hunk will save fast-track photographer Carly Sullivan's job, but finding the right man isn't easy when you're on a ship in the middle of the Caribbean and the model you hired turns out to be a disaster. With her hopes sinking faster than the Titanic, Carly spots the most beautiful man she's ever seen. Ford McKay swears he's a rancher from Wyoming, but Carly has her suspicions. Then all hell breaks loose in their island paradise and the sexy stranger is all that protects Carly from a hail of bullets.Ford McKay knows that mixing business and pleasure can be murder, and he's not about to compromise his current mission for an obstinate redhead who can't forget her camera for a nanosecond. But when Carly is wounded, the rugged Navy SEAL can't just walk away. As fate forces the two into excruciatingly close quarters, Ford finds his heart taking a tumble. Soon the straight-arrow SEAL discovers that with the right woman, going overboard can be unforgettable.From the Paperback edition.

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