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    eBook: Gordon´s Great Escape Southeast Asia: 100 of my favourite Southeast Asian recipes


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    Gordon´s Great Escape Southeast Asia: 100 of my favourite Southeast Asian recipes (eBook)

    On the second leg of his Great Escapes series, Gordon Ramsay sets out to discover the flavours of Asia, on a remarkable journey that leads him through Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam. 100 new recipes are inspired by the tastes and experiences he encounters along the way.In this book to accompany the TV series, stunning photography and Gordon´s inspirational travel stories combine to depict a richly-textured portrait of a continent. With breathtaking landscapes as his backdrop, Gordon is welcomed into local communities and shown the age-old traditions and secrets that underpin their native dishes. He meets characters with fascinating lives, shares delicious meals in beautiful surroundings, and is invited to take part in the customs and rituals of the land - venturing into paddy fields to observe the rice worship, accompanying huntsmen on their quest for frogs and honey, navigating the inky night-time ocean for moonlit fishing, and cooking up a feast in a colossal Malay temple.Gordon has devised over

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