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    eBook: Grunts in Trouble


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    Grunts in Trouble (eBook)

    Meet Mr and Mrs Grunt. Oh, go on. They're not that bad. No, actually, they ARE. Maybe worse, even. But Sunny, their sort-of son, is okay. They stole him from a washing line as a baby. He was hanging by his ears, which probably explains why they're so wonky (but not why he has sticky-up hair that NEVER lies flat even if you pour glue into it or try taping it in place). Stick around and you'll also meet Lord Bigg of Bigg Manor, Bigg-hater Larry Smalls, Mimi the Bigg Manor bootboy (yup, she's a girl) and...Well, you'll have to READ the book to find that out. But I should mention the bees. Did I warn you about the bees?!

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