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    Handyman (eBook)

    He's every woman's secret fantasy. . .the handyman who can service her every need and bring her to ultimate sexual satisfaction. . . Coming In First Lissa Malone loves bad boys, but slam bam thank you ma'am is leaving her body thirsting for much, much more. She's ready for the proverbial Mr. Nice Guy, someone who will lay her down, tease and touch her to the nth degree, and give her pleasure she'd only imagined--hoped--was possible. . . Not A Second Too Late Genevieve Louton wanted a fun, sexy bachelorette night, but when her uptight sister crashed the party she had to go find her own male stripper. Now she's eying the rock hard stud across the bar, imagining his slow, seductive dance inside her house afire. . . Third Time's A Charm To help Holly Daringer forget her worries, her cousin has come up with the perfect solution: a week of paid sex with a true professional. And the moment he buries himself deep inside her body, she has only one thought: ecstasy, ecstasy, ecstasy. . . Praise for Jodi Lynn Copeland "Three terrifically hot stories in one book. . .a reader's dream." --Romance Reviews Today Erotic on Operation G-Spot "Fantastic. . .smoldering-hot scenes, with details that will have you reaching for a cold glass of water. . .a great read." --Romantic Times on After HoursJodi Lynn Copeland Lives with her husband and two children minutes from Michigan's state capital. She learned early on that family and friends and love and laughter are the most important ingredients in happiness. While attending Central Michigan University, she discovered her love for writing and that those same ingredients blend for the perfect romance. Over the years and across the genres, Jodi has found that one thing remains the same...a dash of heat and humor and a heaping spoonful of love make for the best recipe of all.

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