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    eBook: Happy Kids: The Secrets to Raising Well-Behaved, Contented Children


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    Happy Kids: The Secrets to Raising Well-Behaved, Contented Children (eBook)

    A fresh and practical guide to successfully managing children’s behaviour – from babies to young adults.Cathy Glass has been a foster carer for over 20 years, during this time fostering more than 50 children, as well as bringing up three of own. Many of these children have had severe behavioural difficulties and have come to Cathy as a last resort, when their parents or carers were no longer able to cope.Drawing on a combination of years of training and extensive personal experience, in this comprehensive guide, Cathy passes on her tried and tested methods for guiding, nurturing and disciplining children.Approaching child development chronologically, this book guides you through Cathy's incredibly simple and effective 3Rs technique: Request, Repeat and Reassure.Within this framework, Cathy addresses a host of childcare issues, including, amongst others, why children misbehave and what parents can do to the change this, how diet can affect children's behaviour, what parents can do to avoid sibling rivalry, and how to spot and address the behavioural symptoms of special needs such as dyslexia, autism, ADHD and bipolar.Applicable to all age groups - from newborn babies to young adults - Happy Kids is a clear and concise guide to raising confident, well-behaved and happy children.

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