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    Healthy Diet to Lose Weight (eBook)

    Healthy Diet to Lose Weight: Lose the Belly Fat and Slow Cooker Weight Loss It can be hard to find a healthy diet to lose weight when you're fighting with belly flab. Sometimes it seems like just about every plan designed for weight loss discourages healthy eating and encourages you to cut out whole food groups. That's not the key to healthy nutrition. In fact, it can even end up making you a lot fatter in the end. If you feel trapped by the weight loss plans you've tried, it might be time for a change. Healthy weight loss is possible if you know what you're doing. The key is to make sure that you produce healthy meals made from fresh, wholesome ingredients. The healthy recipes in this book rely on high quality foods that are close to their natural state. They use monounsaturated fats and a sensible calorie limit to help you maintain healthy nutrition without the risk of muscle loss or other unpleasant dieting side effects. There's no reason that you need to hurt your health in order to get rid of that belly flab! This book contains plenty of delicious foods that you can prepare easily and inexpensively. Consider trying out an easy whole wheat veggie pizza or a chicken salad with rainbow veggies and soba noodles. You'll be able to cut your calories without feeling deprived. You'll also be able to provide plenty of great nutrition without needing to worry about deficiencies. You don't have to be a great chef to enjoy these recipes. In fact, you don't even need to have much time to spend in the kitchen. This volume contains a huge number of wonderful slow cooker recipes designed to help you make the most of the time you have available. Simply add the ingredients and get cooking. When you come back, you'll be able to enjoy delicious belly busting slow cooker chili or a homemade chocolate mocha bread pudding. The truth is, it doesn't get easier than this if you want to lose weight healthily.

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