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    Healthy Diet (eBook)

    Healthy Diet: Lose Belly Fat and Slow Cooker Recipes The Healthy Diet book features two such healthy diets the Slow Cooker Cookbook and the Belly Fat Diet. Each recipe in this book is made from wholesome ingredients packed with good nutrition. There are enough recipes within this book to plan a menu for weeks in advance. The recipes within are perfect for the entire family (slow cooker) and perfect for those who wish to lose weight (belly fat diet). The recipes can be mixed and matched, because they all use healthy ingredients, even the slow cooker recipes are good for dieting. The first section of the Healthy Diet book covers the slow cooking cookbook with these categories: What is the Difference Between a Slow Cooker and a Crock Pot, Slow Cookers and Food Safety, The Advantages to Cooking with a Slow Cooker, Tips for Making the Most of Your Slow Cooker, You Can Even Make Meatloaf in the Slow Cooker, Breakfast Recipes, Snack, Dessert, and Appetizer Recipes, Soup and Stew Recipes, Main Dish and One Dish Meals, and a 5 Day Meal Plan. A sampling of the included recipes are: Mexican Chicken Fajita Casserole and French Dip Au Jus. The second section of the Healthy Diet book covers the Belly Fat Diet with these categories: What is the Belly Fat Diet, The Secret Behind the Diet, How the Diet Works, Benefits of the Belly Fat Diet, Essential Tips for success on the Belly Melt Diet, Helpful Diet Tips to Follow, Top Belly Fat Burning Foods, Belly Melting Breakfast Recipes, Great Lunch Recipes to Help You Lost Belly Fat, Flat Belly Diet Dinner Recipes, Belly Flattening Drink, Snack and Dessert Recipes, and Your 7 Day Belly Fat Diet Meal Plan. The recipes are delicious home cooked meals.

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