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    eBook: Holding the Vision


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    Holding the Vision (eBook)

    How can the Tenth Insight Change My Life? The insights found in The Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight have touched the lives of many millions of people; they are not theoretical When we become aware of how they work, coincidences and serendipitous encounters increase for us. As our level of consciousness expands, our vision of the world is transformed, and we get a glimpse into the heart of creation. And as we learn how thought and visualization precede reality, we can begin to harness them to benefit our own future and the future of the earth. The perfect companion volume for The Tenth Insight, this hands-on guide was written to help individuals and groups implement the ideas found in that book. It provides detailed explanations and exercises on Tenth Insight topics: previous lifetimes, soul groups, birth visions, the use of dreams and prayers, the afterlife, and the World Vision. It helps us experience firsthand how our own lives fit into the eternal cycles... teaches us how to discover our own personal missions...and reveals how we can all take part in the ultimately joyful world changes described in The Tenth Insight.

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