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    eBook: How to Grow a Young Music Lover


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    How to Grow a Young Music Lover (eBook)

    How to Grow a Young Music Lover is the ideal guide for parents who want to boost their children’s education through music; parents who want to aid in their children’s cognitive, motor, and creative development; parents who love music and want their children to do the same; and parents who wish they knew more about music and want their children to have advantages and instruction they did not. The book is an extraordinary resource for homeschooling parents who want an informative, accessible music curriculum and those want to support their children’s instruction in piano, violin, or other instruments. It is also greatly appreciated by grandparents and other caregivers who want to initiate kids into the world of music; early childhood and elementary educators interested in solid, practical ways to teach their classroom about music; and any reader interested in learning more about musical history, terms, and methods. The book will also be well received by fans of musician Charlie Peacock, who wrote the foreword for this new edition.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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