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    Killer Honeymoon (eBook)

    Plus-sized P.I. Savannah Reid and her new husband, Dirk Coulter, were hoping for a little honeymoon excitement, but finding a freshly killed body on the beach wasn't what they had in mind. To their surprise, the recently deceased is Amelia Northrop, the popular L.A. anchorwoman whose super sexy looks landed her a super wealthy husband. Now, instead of hosting the news, Amelia will be the lead story.The local police clearly don't want Savannah's help, so she does a little digging on her own—and what she discovers could blow the case wide open. It seems Amelia crossed more than a few powerful people on her way to the top—and learned the hard way that karma can be a girl's worst enemy. The question is, who hated Amelia enough to shoot her dead in broad daylight? Savannah will have to find out, before a killer gets away with murder. . .Praise for G.A. McKevett's Buried in Buttercream"Readers will relish the author's trademark wit." —Publishers Weekly"McKevett effortlessly weaves together a satisfying mystery, family hijinks, and a touching subplot." —Booklist"A wonderful addition to the series." --Suspense Magazine

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