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    Leading the Narrative (eBook)

    The Strategy of Communication is a primer on the art and science of strategic communication. This book covers the foundation of communications strategies as well as solid tactics, techniques, and procedures for media relations, campaign planning, crisis communication and strategic communications planning. It is both a philosophy of communication and a solid practical reference manual. Like no other book on public relations, public diplomacy, or media operations and community outreach, it offers a compelling look at how all communication processes can be made to function more efficiently and with greater effectiveness. The ties are those of intention and purpose, both leading to meaningful and purpose-driven communication efforts, whether conducted by governments, organizations, or military units.From the most basic precepts of media relations interaction to massive information campaigns directed from the seat of government, communication that is broad-based, overarching and tied to strategic objectives can ultimately succeed using a variety of methods, from storytelling to building external champions. Practitioners and news media representatives alike should be aware of the nature of repetitive patterns in events, the power of myth in storytelling, and the significance of self-fulfilling prophesies. Influencing factors include new technologies that flatten communication hierarchies, social media platforms that empower amateurs, generational divides and a general decline in respect for the journalism profession and ebbing trust in the news as reported by the mainstream media. A coarsening of the public discourse throughout our celebrity-saturated culture likewise contributes to the difficulty of communicating with resonance and result in a toxic information environment. This book, a collection of collected essays on the communication practice, represents both a deeply passionate, strategically reasoned and thoroughly researched commentary on the field. It is both practical and theoretical.

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