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    eBook: Lights on the Water/Impressions in the Sand


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    Lights on the Water/Impressions in the Sand (eBook)

    Lights on the Water/Impressions in the Sand: A Motorcycling Odyssey chronicles a 105-day motorcycling adventure I undertook in 2003 that covered 18,000 miles, often under difficult road situations. Weather conditions ranged from electric-vest-cold to suffocating heat.
    This journey roams from Texas through the Dakotas, three Canadian Provinces, on to Alaska, then south along North America’s west coast, Death Valley, Arizona, and New Mexico, culminating in the Texas Big Bend Country.
    The work is laced with significant personal events from the Vietnam War as well as consequences from a ravaging flood, all woven within the tapestry of vivid, poetic descriptions of land and seascapes, rivers carving canyons, the haunting lure of expansive deserts, and “gifts” received from encounters along the way.
    You also will meet The War Horse, a BMW K1200 RS, whose personification adds levity and occasional wisdom to this lone rider’s excursion.

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