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    eBook: Madame B's Stories of Seduction


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    Madame B's Stories of Seduction (eBook)

    In the third volume of Madame B's saucy tales our intriguing hostess tells all. Ten women confess their stories of seduction, revealing their most intimate and devilish desires and steamy sexual encounters. Jet - a young woman finds herself joining a very exclusive club when she is upgraded to business classMenage a Trois - a voyeur gets to see her neighbours at close quartersThe End of the Pier Show - a night out clubbing in Brighton comes to an unexpected climax for Kyra and her friends Rick and SamI Heard Love Is Blind - deprived of sight, a woman goes on a sensory journey with her young loverRumble in the Jungle - a yoga retreat is spoiled by the presence of the obnoxious David; or do opposites attract?The Camera Never Lies - models Sara and Kim get carried away at a magazine photoshootFetisch - a waitress at a fetish club meets an intriguing new customerThe Captain's Table - an invitation to dine with the captain on a swinging cruise ship means more than just dinner for one young coupleShopped - a security guard comes up with a novel 'punishment' for shopliftingFireman's Pole - on her hen night, a bride-to-be decides to have one last fling... with the stripper!No fantasy is off limits, and with private indulgences stripped bare for all to see, Madame B's Stories of Seduction ensures that nothing remains a secret any more.

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