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    Man Worth Waiting For (eBook)

    So many men, but which one is worth the effort? And how do I know that waiting around for the "best" will actually pay off--that I'm not just letting the already shallow dating pool evaporate? Jackie Kendall believes that waiting will bring greater satisfaction. When you find the right man--a man like Boaz, found in the biblical book of Ruth--you'll be incredibly glad you didn't settle for one of your earlier options. But what will he be like, and how does a gal know that he is the right man, not just another bozo?Drawing on real-life stories that will have women laughing and crying in empathy, Jackie Kendall tells about the Mr. Wrongs she dates on her way to Mr. Right, what told her that her husband was "the one," and what she learned along the way. Women will learn how to avoid common dating pitfalls and how to know when they've met A MAN WORTH WAITING FOR.

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