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    eBook: Models and Pathways for Person-Centered Elder Care


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    Health Professions Press, Inc.


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    Models and Pathways for Person-Centered Elder Care (eBook)

    “This book should be read by anyone who cares about the quality of life for people who are older or disabled and need assistance from others, no matter what the setting. The authors handle a wide breadth of topics with voices of authority, experience and passion. They offer inspiring real-world examples, proving that profound change is possible for those who live and work in long-term care.”—Beth Baker, Author, Old Age in a New Age—The Promise of Transformative Nursing HomesLearn from the most experienced and innovative providers of person-centered care about how to bring dignity, choice, respect, and comfort back into the day-to-day lives of elders. In this second book in the series Leading Principles and Practices in Elder Care, readers will gain insight into implementing care practices that focus on the person, through the profiles of pioneering model communities that have successfully brought culture change to their organizations. Discover proven approaches to transforming attitudes, practices, physical spaces, and organizational structures to accommodate the collaborative processes essential to personalized care. Whether you are just beginning to adopt culture change in your care community, or are well into the person-centered care journey, this critical resource explores the path to accomplishing organizational change.

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