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    No Eye Can See (eBook)

    “Jane Kirkpatrick has, almost literally, created her own genre of fiction. Her books enfold…whisper, ‘Let me tell you about a woman who…’ They find a secret place in each of us and bring it gently to the surface.”–Salem Statesman JournalSuzanne felt the tears press at her eyes as the dream-state drifted away–taking with it the sight of the man she loved. Awake, she blinked back the tears. This was her life now. The sounds of the women and oxen, those were real. And the darkness–her darkness. She lay inside it, resigned. She was not a wife reaching out for her husband but a widow, a blind widow, wistful and full of desire.FACING CHALLENGES AND LOSS, A COMMUNITY OF EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN FIGHT TO OVERCOME THE PAIN OF THE PAST – AND EMBRACE THE FUTURE. When blind and widowed Suzanne Cullver reaches California with a group of women who have survived tragedy on the Oregon Trail, she sets her mind on doing for herself all that must be done. Though she cannot see, she rejects offers of assistance, unwittingly risking her children’s safety – and her own. Her companions blindly falter as well, held hostage by their own pasts. As Suzanne attempts to control her life in Shasta City, Ruth defends against past errors, failing to see how she limits love. Meanwhile, Mazy’s vision seems to be permanently clouded by her late husband’ s betrayal. But when a young stagedriver risks all for a Wintu Indian, his life becomes entangled with the turnaround women – and together they are changed forever as they discover that No Eye Can See all the good God has in store for those who love Him.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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