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    eBook: On-the-Fly Guide to...Balancing Work & Life


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    On-the-Fly Guide to...Balancing Work & Life (eBook)

    Life is more like a marathon than a sprint. Here’s how to stay well conditioned.Bill Butterworth will make you laugh–and learn while you’re doing it! In the opening chapter of this powerful little book, Bill shares with you how, while running his rotund body in a nightmarish 440-yard dash, he learned a great lesson:Life is much more like a marathon than a sprint.The attitudes and actions that result in steady success over the long haul are what make for long-term satisfaction and achievement. To experience this for yourself, you need to understand how to deal with life’s inevitable challenges:·The “Hazies”–losing sight of long-term goals·The “Lazies”–lacking the self-discipline to bring life back into focus·The “Crazies”–allowing life to run out of controlEach of these can be conquered by three “clarifying triangles:” setting clear priorities, learning the discipline of endurance, and reaching the finish line through skillful pacing. It all adds up to a succinct and inspiring guide to balancing excellence at work with fulfillment in all of life.Also look for the On-the-Fly-Guide to Building Successful Teams!From the Trade Paperback edition.

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