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    Physics Made Simple (eBook)

    Understand the rules that make the universe run. Understanding the laws of physics is essential for all scientific studies, but many students are intimidated by their complexities. This completely revised and updated book makes it easy to understand the most important principles. From the physics of the everyday world to the theory of relativity, PHYSICS MADE SIMPLE covers it all. Each chapter is introduced by anecdotes that directly apply the concepts to contemporary life and ends with practice problems—with complete solutions—to reinforce the concepts. Humorous illustrations and stories complete the text, making it not only easy but fun to learn this important science. Topics covered include:*force*motion *energy*waves *electricity and magnetism *the atom *quantum physics*relativity*spectroscopy *particle physicsLook for these Made Simple titlesAccounting Made SimpleArithmetic Made SimpleAstronomy Made SimpleBiology Made SimpleBookkeeping Made SimpleBusiness Letters Made SimpleChemistry Made SimpleEnglish Made SimpleEarth Science Made SimpleFrench Made SimpleGerman Made SimpleIngles Hecho Facil Investing Made SimpleItalian Made SimpleKeyboarding Made SimpleLatin Made SimpleLearning English Made SimpleMathematics Made SimpleThe Perfect Business Plan Made SimplePhilosophy Made SimplePsychology Made SimpleSign Language Made SimpleSpelling Made SimpleStatistics Made SimpleYour Small Business Made Simplew

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