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    Please Don't Bomb the Suburbs (eBook)

    Here's what the critics have to say about William Upski Wimsatt's previous work:"Spiritual heir to Norman Mailer."—The Atlantic"Wimsatt's charisma stems from his courage."—Cornel West"Bomb the Suburbs and No More Prisons are cult classics deftly reflecting the hip-hop generation's maturation."—Miami New Times"A refreshing voice for Generation X."—Library Journal"Ahead of the curve."—SpinAs a potty-mouthed graffiti writer from the South Side of Chicago, William Upski Wimsatt electrified the literary and hip-hop world with two of the most successful underground classic books in a generation, Bomb the Suburbs (1994) and No More Prisons (1999), which, combined, sold more than ninety thousand copies.In Please Don't Bomb the Suburbs, Wimsatt weaves a first-person tour of America's cultural and political movements from 1985–2010. It's a story about love, growing up, a generation coming of age, and a vision for the movement young people will create in the new decade. With humor, storytelling, and historical insight, Wimsatt lays out a provocative vision for the next twenty-five years of personal and historical transformation. Never heard of Billy Wimsatt before? Your life just got better.William Upski Wimsatt is the author of Bomb the Suburbs and No More Prisons. A maverick graffiti artist, journalist, and political and philanthropic organizer, Wimsatt has appeared in dozens of publications and is a popular speaker at colleges and conferences. He founded the League of Young Voters, worked for Barack Obama in Ohio, and co-organized the first-ever briefing of social justice artists with the White House. He was honored as a "visionary" by Utne Reader and included in The Source's "Power 30" list. He lives in Brooklyn.

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