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    Pocket Bakery (eBook)

    Beginning as an idea to get her children to earn their pocket money and gain a lifelong skill, Rose Prince, along with daughter Lara and son Jack, began opening up their Battersea home every Saturday morning to sell freshly made bread. Trained in the art of sourdough by guru Giuseppe Mascoli, owner of the famous Franco Manca in Brixton market, the Pocket Bakery has gone from strength to strength, awakening a passion for all things baking-based in Rose and her teenage children. Today, it is a thriving local bakery with a big future that produces quality and delicious artisan baking from brioche loaves in flower pots to scrumptious teatime cakes. In this book they share their easy-to-follow techniques, secrets, and recipes to get everyone baking.Rose Prince started her career working as a chef in the test kitchen of Notting Hill´s ´Books for Cooks´ alongside Clarissa Dixon Wright. She moved on to report for BBC Radio 4´s FOOD PROGRAMME. She is now a respected journalist, with a two food columns in the DAILY TE

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