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    Quick Healthy Cookbook (eBook)

    Quick Healthy Cookbook: Detox Your Body and Comfort Foods Finding a quick healthy cookbook that includes foods you enjoy can be a lot harder than you might think. Many quick low carb and natural foods recipes are full of foods that sound okay, but don't really hit the spot. If you've been trying to eat healthily, but you're missing those classic comfort foods, this ebook might do the trick. It includes plenty of slow and quick dinner recipes designed to help you clean out your system and lose weight without subsisting on wheatgrass and lettuce. Whether you're hoping for quick weight loss or you just want a fast, healthy cookbook full of meals you can make night after night, the recipes in this volume will meet your needs. Check out healthy comfort food like traditional chicken noodle soup and spicy but health-boosting chili. You'll also find quick, easy recipes for foods that will help you detoxify your body and remove built up chemicals and other dangerous substances. There's no reasons that you should have to give up your favorite foods in the search for quick, healthy meals. In fact, getting rid of all your old favorites could be a terrible idea. After all, a quick, healthy meals cookbook that requires you to stop eating everything you love provides a sure way off the healthy eating path. Too many people get discouraged and return to eating in ways that eventually destroy their bodies. Don't fall prey to this kind of temptation. Instead, choose a quick, easy, healthy cookbook packed full of meals you can truly enjoy. You'll be delighted by the old fashioned meatloaf, classic apple pie and Sunday pot roasts this cheap, healthy cookbook has to offer. Plus, once you learn how to balance your eating habits properly, you'll lose weight, too! That's enough to make any recipe worthwhile.

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