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    Read Between the Lies (eBook)

    Step into the world of New York fashion and into the lives of three ambitious women, each of whom has a secret to hide.Gabrielle Donovan is a stunning and feisty nineteen-year-old who comes to New York hoping to realize her dream of becoming a supermodel. Gabrielle quickly takes the fashion industry by storm, but just as her celebrity begins to soar, her past threatens to catch up with her.Felicia Wilcot is a successful black woman from a privileged background whose hot public relations firm is responsible for Gabrielle's instant success. At home, however, Felicia is struggling to keep her troubled marriage intact, despite the temptation of an intense attraction to a downtown movie director.Stephanie Bancroft always dreamed of being a rich and famous writer. In New York, while trying to realize her dream, she meets her nemesis--the beautiful Gabrielle Donovan. As a publicist at Felicia's firm, Stephanie helps prop up Gabrielle's image publicly while secretly trying to tear it down, vowing to let nothing stand in the way of the success she's determined to have.With a good dose of Olivia Goldsmith and a splash of Bebe Moore Campbell, Read Between the Lies is the irresistible story of three captivating women who find themselves forced to risk everything in the name of love, power, greed, and survival.

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