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    Ripple Effect (eBook)

    Ten years ago, seven college friends stood in judgment of their peer, and their plan for revenge went horribly wrong. They vowed to keep the secret…and the guilt of it…between them. This decision has affected all of them, but most of all Lexi Cooper. As the latest note is slid under her door one evening, she crumples to the floor, both afraid for what will happen and resigned to it, because she knows whatever it is, she deserves it.

    Intense passion wars with the need for revenge, combining to create a story that has both the fiery heat of passion and the stone cold chill of revenge in Kathleen King’s latest novel, Ripple Effect.

    Lexi Cooper has been living a lonely but comfortable life as an ambitious architect. She hopes that finally making partner will somehow get her to the point of feeling worthy of moving on; past the dark place that has held her captive for so long.

    She meets Jack Hunter, another architect at her firm and everything changes. From the second they meet, the pull they feel toward each other is raw and primitive. Both seem equally motivated to fight these urges. He’s her superior and will be assisting in the partner selection process. He’s dangerous and dark and everything Lexi has run away from and he threatens the tight grip she has on her emotions.

    Through it all, someone is watching Lexi…leaving ominous notes in intimate places, following her through her daily activities, entering her home, watching her sleep…he is obsessed, and only a powerful act of revenge, an eye for an eye, will allow him to move on.

    Will Lexi Cooper find the person stalking her in time to save not only herself, but her family and friends? She must find the strength to face him and her inner demons, if she is to have any hope of finding redemption and hope for the future.

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