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    Star-Crossed Killers (eBook)

    “An excellent writer.” —True Crime Book Reviews Anything For Love When nineteen-year-old Steven “Boston” Colver set eyes on beautiful young Tylar Witt, the sparks between them could not be denied. It didn’t matter that she was only fourteen. The two saw their love written in the stars. All they wanted was to spend every moment in each other’s arms. When Tylar’s concerned mother, Joanne Witt, tried to come between them, her efforts only fueled the wild passions of two California teens who saw themselves as a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, trapped in a heartless world. Boston and Tylar would prove their love by any means necessary. They would allow no one to stand in their way. And they made a promise to stay together—until death and beyond…Praise for Robert Scott and His Real-Life Thrillers“Compelling and shocking…a fascinating account of a young girl’s abduction by a monster.” —Robert K. Tanenbaum on Shattered Innocence“Vividly described, unsettling…Scott spells out how rage and obsession can become fatally warped.” —Publishers Weekly on Kill the Ones You Love58,000 Words

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