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    Tears to Triumph (eBook)

    Learn to embrace the adversity in your life--and be happier. Women today face bigger personal challenges than ever before. Balancing increasing responsibilities at work while managing a household and caring for children--and more and more often grandparents--is enough to drive anyone to the edge. But every bad boss, souring relationship, and personal struggle is a chance to test your own strengths and resourcefulness. Tears to Triumph shares a new framework that will help move you beyond just surviving. Here, real women share their stories of triumph over life's difficult and sometimes tricky, unfair hardships. Most importantly, it shows you how to use your own adversities as a blueprint for future success. You will learn: How to identify the lesson in the momentThe cause of stressful behaviors--and the solutionsWhat to look for, how to react, and where to go for more helpSpecific ways to insure emotional, interpersonal, and career successIdentify your success pattern based on your unique experienceYou can be happy and live a healthy, fulfilling life while rising to meet today's difficult challenges. Dawn Marie Daniels is the editorial force behind a number of award-winning authors, and has utilized her position to ensure that African American projects get the attention they deserve. Daniels has established a commanding presence in adult nonfiction with such books as In the Meantime and One Day My Soul Just Opened Up, both New York Times bestsellers by Iyanla Vanzant. Candace Sandy is the President of Candace Sandy Communications, a multi-media cooperative that targets women. For eleven years, she has also served as the Communications Director for Congressman Gregory W. Meeks (D-NY). Sandy has conducted celebrity radio interviews with stars such as Pam Grier, Stevie Wonder, and Will Smith.

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