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    Tempestuous/Restless Heart (eBook)

    From #1 New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag comes a special edition featuring two of her romantic classics in one irresistible volume. This unforgettable pair of novels is sure to excite the lover and thrill the romantic in every reader.TempestuousAlexandra Gianni had come to Briarwood with her infant daughter, Isabella, to start over. Determined to rebuild her life and the ramshackle farm she’d purchased with the last of her money, Alex had one goal: independence. She wasn’t looking for another relationship or the painful revelations she’d have to share about her past. Most of all, she wasn’t looking for a man like Christian Atherton, who could lead her dangerously astray. But the handsome, aristocratic English rider won’t accept that it’s too late for Alex or that she has to keep running…from her past and him.Restless HeartAs a world-renowned globe-trotting photographer, Danielle Hamilton was at home with Tibetan nomads and Kenyan bushmen. But she didn’t think she’d survive six weeks in the “wilds” of New Orleans babysitting her sister’s five children. Then help arrives in the form of the most unlikely nanny Danielle could imagine. Tall, dark, and Cajun, Remy Doucet isn’t really a nanny and he isn’t accepting Danielle’s certainty that true love isn’t in the cards for her. He’s convinced that her self-control masks a deeper need to let go, and he’s determined to prove she could trust him with the memory of a tragedy that still haunts her dreams.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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