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    eBook: The Ancient Art of Faery Magick


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    The Ancient Art of Faery Magick (eBook)

    Known as the little people, the ferrishyn, the wee folk, and the good neighbors, faeries have enchanted humans for centuries. But faeries are much more than playful sprites who frolic in gardens and dance on flowers by the morning light. There are helper faeries, trickster faeries, and powerful faeries who enhance magick and play a mighty role in the spirit world. In THE ANCIENT ART OF FAERY MAGICK, best-selling author and magick authority D.J. Conway explores the history of the faery folk, discusses faery laws and lives, and reveals the ancient secret faery oracle. She shares spells for invoking faeries for aid in health, love, peace, prosperity, and protection, and she even describes how to build faery houses and gardens to invite these wonderful creatures into your home. A comprehensive tome on a bewitching subject, THE ANCIENT ART OF FAERY MAGICK will initiate you into a life filled with faery sparkle and pixie dust.

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