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    The Automatic Millionaire Workbook (eBook)

    With this essential companion to the automatic #1 national bestseller, you can put pencil to paper and make your seven-figure dreams come true!The Automatic Millionaire rocketed to instant bestseller status because in its pages America’s best-loved money coach, David Bach, delivered a uniquely foolproof, hassle-free plan for achieving financial security even if you have zero willpower. Now The Automatic Millionaire Workbook lets you tailor that strategy to your own financial life in a line-by-line personal plan. The workbook features:The five questions that determine with 90 percent certainty if you will be an Automatic MillionaireCharts and checklists for paying down debt while you saveA clear path for any renter to become a home ownerWorksheets to set savings goals and meet them, no matter how much you makeA game plan for paying off mortgages earlyThe one crucial step that guarantees your financial plan will succeed Details on where to invest, what phone calls to make, and exactly what to say when automating your financial futureAlong the way, you will be inspired by stories of ordinary Americans from all walks of life who are becaming Automatic Millionaires. The Automatic Millionaire Workbook makes it easier than ever for you to put your financial life on autopilot and finish rich –-without a budget. You’ve dreamed it, now write it and do it. The rest is automatic!

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